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Transforming Real World Asset Ownership – Digitally, Legally Globally

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Commercial Real Estate

The Future of Ownership: Where Exclusivity Meets Accessibility!
⁠Experience the power of investing in real world assets, Invest in the future with SMART
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Agricultural Commodities

Owning assets has never been easier
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Own it...! Digitally...Legally...Globally
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Own it...! Digitally...Legally...Globally
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Carbon Credit

Seamless. Secure. Smart
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Become an Investor
Secure tomorrow's gains today-dive into the next era of Real-world asset investing!
Partial Ownership of Prestigious Assets
Affordable entry into high-yield assets previously out of reach
Regular Income Stream
Unlock consistent earnings direct to your wallet
Buy or Sell Anytime
Trade on your terms: 24/7/365 Token Trading at unbeatable costs and simplicity
Transparent Resolution
Customized smart contracts, backed by proven legal frameworks
Platform Features
Elevate your investment game with our state-of-the-art real-world asset tokenization platform
Significant Liquidity
Affordable Entry Price
Powered by DLT
Realtime Settlement
24x7 Exchange
Transparent pricing
Global Reach
Regulated by Design
Coming Soon
Marathon Futurex, 14-20 Floors Mumbai, India
The site is well connected to major locations in the city via road and railway networks with prominent landmarks in the vicinity.
110M USD
Asset Value
Investment opportunities
Explore a range of investment options across different asset classes, leveraging potential regular returns, sustainable growth, and effortless transactional experience
Commercial real estate

Gold, Silver
Agricultural Commodities

Wheat, Rice
Other Assets

Yachts, Bonds, Carbon Credits
Explore and invest in premium opportunities with esteemed broking partner
SMART is an innovative tokanization platform built on the Kalptantra blockchain, enabling the tokenization of income generating real world asset
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Unlock your wealth potential
Fast-track your capital raise
Lower Barriers, Greater Gains with Tokenization!
Expand your horizon
Connect with a Worldwide Network of Retail Investors!
Simplify your journey
Streamline Compliance and Governance Automatically!
Reduce costs
Unlock Fluid Trading & Cost Savings with Asset Tokens on Our Distributed Ledger!
Investment Stages
The SMART tokenization process transforms real world assets into digital tokens, following rigorous legal, compliance  and technical process 
Pre Sales
Get early bird investment deals, Realize Token Profit upon Resale
Begin Investing in Tokenized Assets with a Minimum of $75
24*7 Marketplace
Fostering Diverse Asset Marketplace via Peer-to-Peer Token Trading
Bring varied asset class to your clients
Access real world tokenized assets through a regulated platform